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The Difference Between SLR and DSLR Must Be Known Before Buying a Camera

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Photography hobbies are increasingly mushrooming among young people nowadays has encouraged various electronics companies to compete in creating camera products with increasingly complete features.

Call it Sony, Sahitel, Olympus, Canon, Minolta, Panasonic, Samsung, Fujifilm, Nikon, Pentax, to Kodak, and they are accomplished players who produce various sophisticated camera products throughout the world.

The functions and features of the camera that the products of these various manufacturers have are numerous. As beginners in the world of photography, we will certainly be clumsy to face all of these features. However, simply camera technology based on the technique of shooting is only divided into two types, namely SLR cameras and DSLR cameras.

For those who still lay, the difference between the two types of cameras is often not very understood, sometimes even considered the same. Well, for those of you who also have a similar opinion, try to listen to our discussion about what are the differences in SLR and DSLR in terms of several things.

The difference between SLR and DSLR lies in at least six things, starting from the technique of shooting, image storage media, image printing, features and number of buttons, and the price of both. Simply stated, the things that distinguish SLR and DSLR can be presented in the following table.

# The difference in Length and Procedure of Shooting

The first SLR and DSLR difference can be seen from its length. SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex. This SLR stands for SLR cameras that have a shooting technique using a system of single-lane lens lines. This wide range is used to pass light beams in two directions, namely to the Focal Plane and to the Viewfinder. With this working system, the photographer can see the object captured by the camera precisely like the photo results.

While the DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex, this extension shows that DSLR cameras have a shooting technique using a pentaprism and a mechanical mirror system to transmit light from the lens to the optical viewfinder on the camera.

# The difference in Number of Buttons and Features


We can also see the difference between SLR and DSLR cameras from their physical appearance. SLR cameras generally have few buttons because the features it provides are very limited while DSLR cameras will be found with a very large number of buttons by the shooting features it has, such as the choice of ISO, Preset Scenes, White Balance, Resolution, and so forth.

# Price Difference

And finally, the difference between SLR and DSLR will be seen from the price. With more complete features, DSLRs will generally be sold at a relatively higher price compared to SLR cameras.

# The difference in Image Printing

The difference in SLR and DSLR in terms of storage media causes the printing technique of the two images are also different. When it is printed, images produced from SLR cameras can only be printed in a negative photo printing washing laboratory, while images produced by DSLR cameras can only be printed using digital printing techniques.

# The difference in Storage Media

Because it has a different system and way of working, the storage media contained in SLR and DSLR camera systems are also different. SLR cameras generally use 35 MM or analog films, while DSLR cameras use memory slots with a certain storage capacity.

Those are some differences in SLR and DSLR cameras. Is it clear enough, right? Now you will not be confused anymore, not in determining which type of camera you will choose. May be useful!

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